Living Room Design Trends

The living is room one of the most used rooms in your house and its
decoration is essential to captivate those who step foot in it while also
staying on trend.

Read on to discover the latest trends in living room design while also
adding some new features that make your home unique to you.

Bold Plants
Situating big plants into your living room can make eye-catching
statements. However, be mindful of how much sunlight and water they
need, and let that guide you on where to place them in your living room.

Painted Ceilings
Homeowners are starting to become daring as they are taking into
consideration painting the ceiling of their rooms. When choosing to paint,
keep in mind the 10-30-60 rule. For example, 60% is the main color of the
room taking most of the walls and large accent furniture. The 30% is the
secondary color that takes up about half of the color in the room and
includes items like draperies and small accent chairs. The remaining 10% is
the accent color and takes up the colors in your throw pillows and other
small decorative pieces.

Bold Colors
Colors like burnt orange, deep red, blues, and navy are becoming popular
when decorating. Make sure there is balance by adding more neutral colors
such as white or gray.

Geometric patterns are becoming popular in livings rooms by using them in
coffee tables, carpets, and wallpapers. They will make a room more alluring
and aesthetically pleasing. You can also incorporate this pattern on your
floors or even a large area rug.
Multi-Functional Spaces
The “less is more attitude” is also making a statement. Your living room can
incorporate furniture that can be used for other purposes, such as using an
ottoman as a storage place. Your living room can also serve as a tiny
bedroom by getting sofa beds.

Bronze, chrome, gold have the touch to make your living room look
luxurious. One of the ways to incorporate them is through your furniture
with metallic legs and other minimal decorative objects.

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