5 Ways to Maximize a Small Space

Small spaces can be a decorating challenge. If you are down-sizing from a larger home, it can feel especially difficult to find ways to adjust to the smaller environment. But small doesn’t need to mean cramped. Here are 5 great ways to maximize your small space and create a room you love.

1. Use Multi-purpose Pieces: sofa beds or murphy beds, ottomans with storage and bookshelves are great furniture choices.
2. Down-size the furniture too: use furniture tailored to smaller spaces.
3. Use Mirrors and Lights: a bright room will always feel larger.
4. Monotone: Use a simple lighter colored palate and subtle tones to add interest without distracting the eye.
5. De-Clutter: remove extra items which only make the room seem cramped.

From urban lofts to retirement communities, there are many reasons to seek out a smaller living space. By utilizing a few simple design tips, your small space can provide years of living enjoyment.

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