4 Tips For Pricing Your House In Roswell

Pricing your house right is the most important step in the sale process, as well as your most effective marketing tool. If your house isn’t priced to sell, chances are it will languish unsold on the market- which further decreases your chances of making a sale at or near the price you need. You will, … Continued

The 5 Stages of the Home Buying Process To Be Prepared!

Join Me for another episode of Tania Talks 🎙 today we are discussing the 5 Stages of the Home Buying Process, so you can be prepared.🏠 So you want to be a homeowner? Then this week’s episode of “Tania Talks” is for you! I’m digging into the stages of the 🏠 home🏠 buying process you’ll want to prepare yourself for … Continued

Atlanta Real Estate Market Forecast

ATLANTA REAL ESTATE MARKET FORECAST At Harry Norman, REALTORS® we take our role of trusted real estate advisor seriously, providing market expertise so you can make sound decisions. A question surfacing frequently is how housing will be impacted related to economic news headlines. We look thoughtfully at the full picture to gain a proper perspective considering … Continued

5 Landscaping Tips To Sell Your House In Roswell

Curb appeal is what allows buyers to form that critical first impression of your house. And landscaping is a hugely important element of curb appeal. In fact, attractive, well-maintained landscaping can add up to 10% (or more) to the value of your home. So it’s worthwhile even if you hire professional landscapers. Either way, here … Continued