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December Homeowner Checklist

Dated: December 1 2021

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Don't miss the last thing on this month's list (Santa's watching)?

It's the most wonderful time of the year - HOORAY! And while home maintenance probably sounds like the last thing on your priority list (hello - there are Christmas movies to watch and Eggnog to pour), I had to make sure you (& your home) ended the year strong! ?


Don't worry, I'm taking it easy on you this month AND serving up a lot of fun too! 

-Before decorating, switch out old Christmas lightbulbs with LED bulbs

-Clear snow and ice from walkways 

-Inspect and upgrade attic insulation and ventilation

-Set-up a gift wrapping station

-Inspect your winter weather supplies - shovels, window scrapers, etc. (Don't forget to add a snow scraper to your car)!

-Prepare for power outages - stock up on  water, non-perishables, candles, etc

-Check caulking and weatherstripping on doors and windows

-Have your fireplace and chimney cleaned

-Insulate exposed water pipes under your house

-Disconnect and drain garden hoses 

-Refresh the holiday decor in one room of your house (which one are you picking?)

-Complete my HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS CHECKLIST *Tune into my stories daily for your holiday to do!

I promise it's filled to the treetop with all the holiday rituals so you can soak up every second of this season!

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