Guess what day it is?

Dated: February 26 2021

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?Guess what day it is? ? It’s closing day!? #itstheperfectspottocallhome  ?

I’m so honored to be the one to help my friend find this gem. I started calling the neighborhood back in November for another client who really wanted to move into that specific neighborhood.  I got to know all of the neighbors through this process and have fallen in love with them all! ♥️ They would each help me and recommend calling one home or another. Finally, I found a lady cooking chicken noodle soup staring out her kitchen window who said I totally caught her off guard, but that she’d think about it. A few days later I called her back. And she said she’s really been thinking about it and has actually gotten kind of excited about moving back up north. So we went back and forth and then holidays came and she finally was going to let me show it, my clients decided it wasn’t the right home for them. So heartbroken after all this work finding what I thought was the absolute perfect home, not on the market, so no bidding war and multiple offer situation….but ultimately, not right for that buyer and that time. Fast forward a few weeks… the seller got an agent friend of hers to list the house for way more than she originally was going to sell it to us for. Before it was entered into the MLS, I got a text from a neighbor that I met during this process, to alert me the sign was in the yard! So I called the agent to schedule a preview. Even though I didn’t have a buyer. I got in before anyone else, called my friend who I heard was interested… and ?BAM ?we won the multiple offer bidding war✍️ and she found her perfect spot to call home! What a gift ? Now time to ? move and celebrate ? #itstheperfectspottocallhome  ?

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