January Homeowner Checklist

Dated: January 4 2021

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Your house has resolutions too, you know!

Here are the home maintenance tasks you should be tackling in January!

  • Store Christmas decor in labeled bins (I like to use red and green to keep it festive and easy to find in the storage room) ❤️
  • Refresh play spaces (grab a few stylish storage bins from Target to clean up the kid toys!)
  • Replace smoke alarm batteries Clean out the fridge and wipe down shelves Replace shower curtain liners
  • Wipe down fan blades
  • Wash duvet covers and sheets
  • Organize dresser drawers and closets
  • Replace burnt out light bulbs
  • Remove dust from air vents
  • Make a list of items to stock up on (please don't let it be toilet paper again this year)! ;-)
  • Make a list of HOME GOALS!

  • PS: Tomorrow I'm releasing the full 12 MONTH HOMEOWNER CHECKLIST! You can print it out, hang it on your fridge and check things off every single month! You can also keep grabbing my monthly lists that I'll continue to share but I wanted you to have the full year at a glance so you can easily keep your home in tip top shape all year long! (I need all the help I can get!)

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