Market Update For Roswell Ga December 2020 Compared to December 2019

Dated: January 12 2021

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As promised this week we are going to talk about the Roswell, Georgia market update.

Last week I discussed kind of what was going on in Metro Atlanta. And this week we are talking about Roswell, Georgia. So, we are looking at how the month of December compares to 2020 to 2019. Now, we can't do January right now because we don't have a full month yet. So we're just almost halfway through it right now. And we've got a ways to go. 

If we look at how December ended here in 2020 for Roswell, Georgia, right now the average sales price was just over $500,373, we had 1.1 months supply. So in case you don't know what month supply means that means if no more listings come on the market it will take one month and one week to weed through all of those listings, okay that's, and then it's been taking on average 10 days to sell or get the house under contract. So the days on market for December is 10 days and the original sale, the original listing price to the sales price ratio, meaning what the seller was actually able to sell the house for versus what they originally listed the house for. And that was 98.4%. So we are really getting pretty close to what we're listing at for. And then the price per square foot is $169 here in Roswell. And we had 150 closed.

Now, what I wanna do is go back to 2019 in December and see how that year ended, because everybody thinks that the whole pandemic ruined the real estate market, right. Well, I can tell you, we actually had 10 more closings in the month of December for 2020 than we did in 2019. In fact, 2019, we had 141 closing, so nine more. So anyway, 2020 was better for real estate here in Roswell on many aspects. So let's just go through the same stats. So in 2019 in December for Roswell, we had an average list price of 468,000. The month supply then was two months 0.7, 2.7 and it was taking 26 days on average for us to get a contract. So we had 26 days on market in 2019 and the original list price to the sales price ratio was 97%. So we're getting 1.4% more for our sellers in 2020 than we did in 2019. And the price per square foot in 2019 was 157. So again, we finished at 169, so we've gone up almost 12 points, which is $12 a square foot is great. And then, like I said, we had 141 closed sales in Roswell in 2019 versus in 2020 when we ended with 150.

So I think what this really shows you all is that even in the midst of a pandemic, when everybody is hesitant about buying or putting their house on the market because they just don't like the idea of people coming in their house, we have a lot of people that are buying homes sight unseen and I'm taking my phones, I'm FaceTiming doing virtual tours and a lot of us as listing agents are doing the extra as far as doing Matterport floor plans and videos where you can walk through on your own pace in the rooms that you want to go through instead of just a standard video, which I've always done. So we've really upgraded the way we're doing our listings. And I think it's been helping because a lot of buyers are buying sight unseen. We've got a huge, huge buyer demand and we just have such low inventory, one month supply is not enough. So if you've had any thoughts of selling I would love to just chat with you because I'm working with a lot of buyers right now that are looking, but we can't find what they're looking for. So I am taking the time and making phone calls and pulling lists of neighborhoods that they're targeting. And I've had some success with that too but it would be great if you are thinking about selling, let me see if we can help come up with a strategy and see what your goals are, if we might be able to find a buyer match for you, Because I keep a secret list and I share that with my buyers when I know that there's a match and I would love the opportunity to chat with you.

The other thing I've got, is a 12 month homeowner checklist. And this is a really great tool that you can just print out on two sides and you can just pin it right to your refrigerator if you want. But it's basically got the list of items that you need to kinda make sure we're checking and monitoring and addressing each of the different months throughout the year as a homeowner. So, I did a separate blog post at the beginning of the month for January just talking about everything we need to do for homeowners in January. Time to wash our duvet covers and sheets and put all the Christmas decorations away and replace any of your smoke alarm batteries. 

I would just love to hear from you if you've had any thoughts about selling and have any nerves around that, I invite you to set up a time to talk you can go to and there's links in my calendar link, where you could set up a time for us to do a Zoom meeting or a phone call, in-person meeting and just chat. There's never any pressure. So hope you're doing well. And, thanks so much and hope you found this information valuable.

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Roswell Ga Dec 2019

Roswell Ga Dec 2020

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Next week we'll look at Marietta, Georgia.

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