We all hear others say, you should never sell your house in the winter months? Other than the fact we know the landscaping won’t look as beautiful as it could in the warmer months so the flowers can be in bloom and the grass is back to green, why else wouldn’t you sell in the winter months? It blows my mind how many people really want to move, or even have to move, but because their friend, or neighbor or parent told them about a bad experience they had years ago, doesn’t mean today isn’t the right time for YOU to sell and make that move. I’ve put together a few videos telling you the exact opposite and why right now in the middle of the cold winter might just be the best time for you to sell.

If you are curious, I’ve got a beautiful guide that will go into more detail. I’d love to share it with you. I need your physical address or email to get it to you via snail mail, or electronically through email. (hint, you wont’ get it if you give me fake info). I know you will find the guide useful and valuable. You wont’ regret it! Maybe we can 🍾toast 🥂to your new perfect spot to call home! (just saying… it can happen) 

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